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The Top Annual Sporting Events in New Zealand

Every developed nation prides itself on having some form of structured sports program that it conducts through the year, and attempts to project itself as a sporting nation. The reason is not simply to be successful on the world stage. There is a not so hidden agenda and that is to promote good health among its citizens. This will mean less health care expense for that nation and most countries make a point to inculcate and develop the interest for sports in their population so that they do not have to spend much by way of health care.

Consequently, various government initiatives in building the required infrastructure such as stadia, parks and pools, and according them enough publicity by holding major sporting events through the year are taken on a consistent basis and that indeed sets a nation apart as a sports nation. It promotes infrastructure development, improves the image of that nation in the world and brings in a lot of revenue as well when they secure major world sporting events. The citizens over time develop the sports culture and emerge much healthier. These nations are often the most desired travel, not to mention migration, destinations due to the freshness and peace their promoted lifestyles exude.

New Zealand is one such country that follows a sustained sports program through the year and offers its citizens the benefit of taking part in a variety of adventure sports events such as bungee jumping, jet boating, skiing, hiking and so on. These events are spread out around the country, north and south islands so really the best way to get around is to hop into a campervan, drive to the event and park up.

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Some Great TV Sporting Events

Sport on TV can be great to watch. Top sports can bring skill, determination and a level of fitness that most people will never hit. It can bring excitement to peoples lives.

Many people start following one sport or another, one team or another. But most sports fans could do with branching out a little, looking at what other sports have to offer them with regards their sport watching. So let’s look at some great TV sporting events that could easily bring you a new sport to watch.

Great Television Sports

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The Sports Nation

In this day and age, it is very difficult to find a country that does not have a strong emphasis to develop a Sports Nation. Apart from very under-privilege countries, most countries now have some form of initiative or structured programmes that drive them towards a becoming one. But what exact is a Sports Nation? What are the things different countries do in order to aspire to reach that status? Is it national policy that sports must play a prominent role in societies? These are some of the questions we will explore as we uncover the nature of a Sports Nation.

All aspiring Sports Nations have a hidden agenda these days, and that is to develop a healthier nation. Healthy people require less cost to look after as they age and develop. Encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle is an indirect way to tackle the demographic issues of higher life expectancy and rising health care cost. In countries that are considered welfare states, like Australia, Britain, France, and Canada, the health care cost of citizens are mainly bourn by government coffers. This could present a significant burden on the countries resources as health care cost has skyrocketed or will continue to skyrocket with time. Since 1965, health care cost has exploded exponential.

This geometric rise poses a very challenging problem to governments of the world as population growth has not receded. In fact the global population is forecast to breach the 9 billion mark by 2020. How than can governments cope with such pressing need to sustain their peoples? Developing a Sports Nation can be one long-term strategy to deal with this issue. The key is to keep people fit and strong and hopefully keep illnesses and diseases at bay, such that health care costs could be contained.

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