Month: April 2018

Exercise and Sports Are Key to National Progress

The country’s slow march to national progress will get the needed jolt when its citizens are active and healthy, which can be addressed by a mandatory national fitness/exercise and sports awareness program.

It is a well-known fact that countries whose citizens have healthy, active lifestyles are fit, more competitive and productive. Hence, the need to make Filipinos more involved and interested in sports, fitness and exercise.

A healthy citizenry and sports inclined citizenry, aside from being more productive, will help save billions of pesos in health care costs, with the savings being poured into other undertakings likewise crucial to nation building.

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The Most Popular Sports Magazines in Australia

All over the world sports figures are celebrated, cheered and revered. It is no surprise then that some of the most popular publications, both local and international, are sports magazines. In this article we’re going to take a look down under and discuss some of the most popular sports magazines in Australia.

As you might expect, the topic or theme of a national sports magazine will naturally depend on which sports are popular in that nation. So, what are the most popular sports in Australia?

The two most popular organized sports for Aussies are football (Australian Rules) and Cricket. Both have multiple leagues and divisions for amateurs and pros and important matches are often televised. With several world ranked courses and clubs, Golf is also an extremely popular sport in Australia. While soccer, the world’s most popular sport, has always taken a back seat to Australian rules football. Other popular organized sports include: rowing, netball, volleyball, and basketball. As for nautical sports, swimming and surfing are obviously very popular in Australia. There is also, as we mentioned, rowing, sailing, and sport fishing.

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